Christmas Has Arrived Early For Fans of Surrey R&B Artist SHARUK

Emerson Marshall
3 min readApr 1, 2020

SHARUK has had his listeners anticipating fresh material for a while now. Little did they know that they would receive not one, but two songs from the emerging R&B artist!

Written By Emerson Ettore Marshall

Provided from SHARUK’s instagram, @onlysharuk

Mystery has seemed to be a trend among the newer generation of Canadian R&B artists. See Nav, PartyNextDoor and The Weeknd for example. You can now add SHARUK to that list. With only having a handful of songs to his name, along with constantly uploading and removing content from his social media outlets, he has managed to carry a certain mystique about him that can only lead listeners to one state — a state of longing for more.

At last, the man, the mystery, the legend finally provides his very patient audience with a two-pack of pure vibes! I had known that whenever SHARUK had chosen to open the flood gates, he would not disappoint. Teaming up with local producer KultarGotBounce and Juno Award Nominated Producer & Mix Engineer Jamie Kuse, the three creatives gives us “Tone” and “Dead”.

“Tone”, written by SHARUK. Produced KultarGotBounce.

Continuing to maintain a low profile, he titles these songs using only a single word. This minimalistic approach blends very well with his underwhelming aesthetic.

I feel that it’s vital to highlight whenever an artist can bring consistency to their craft. In order to come to that conclusion, the listener has a duty to ask themselves certain questions. One that I always find myself asking is this: Does the lyrical content match the music underneath it? THIS is what SHARUK delivers in both of his new releases.

The production of “Tone” brings an ambient feel to the listeners ears, putting them in a relaxed state. This is perfect for those practicing self-isolation, or for those who need to ease their mind of all the chaos. SHARUK’s voice matches the tempo of the music. His flow is not overwhelming, and the delivery of his lines allow the beat to sit with the listener. He even has a section in the chorus where he huffs in disgust and kisses his teeth immediately, providing the listener with a moment to sit with the beat and soak it in. All aspects of this song bring truth to the phrase “less is more.”

Recommended listening environments for this song would be: Hookah lounges, smoking sessions, intimate settings, winding down, study sessions.

“Dead”, written by SHARUK. Produced by KultarGotBounce.

Now we move onto a different side of the Surrey R&B artist. Never have we heard SHARUK in this manner. His last three singles showcase him in a vulnerable light. “Dead” takes a different route, which speaks to the versatility of the singer/songwriter.

SHARUK’s state of mind in this track is much more aggressive and brash compared to the rest of his catalogue, and I am a fan!

“Dead” has SHARUK playing more offence than defence. He speaks on the paranoia and doubt he has towards his peers inside and outside of the music industry. He feels that he has earned his stripes as an artist, yet he isn’t receiving the praise he deserves. When respect isn’t reciprocated, songs like these are bound to be made. There’s no doubt that we’ve all been put in a position similar to this one. Relatability is without a doubt one SHARUK’s strong points.

Recommended listening environments for this track would be: Pre-party, Hip-Hop rotation during a DJ set, house parties, hookah lounges.

You can give “Tone” and “Dead” a listen on all of SHARUK’s streaming platforms. If you enjoyed the production on these two tracks, I highly suggest giving Kultar a follow on his social media outlets under @KultarGotBounce. You can find Sharuk on Instagram underneath the moniker @onlysharuk.