Everything Falls Into Place For NoLimitzChris In His Newest Release

Emerson Marshall
4 min readJan 27, 2021

The Saskatchewan-raised R&B artist shows just how committed he is to creating a flourishing music career for himself with his newest release, “Waste Of Time”.

With the infectious acoustic guitar loop leading the way for the instrumental, this song gives me early 2000’s R&B vibes. A rhythmically-pleasing yet minimalistic hook (NoLimitzChris), dynamic vocals (Seven), and sixteen bars of rapping to top it all off (Psyah) are crucial components that solidify “Waste of Time” as a song born from TLC-era R&B. As much as I love to take a trip down memory lane, I’m not going to get into how much this song reminds me of this Spotify throwback playlist. Regardless of how generic the message might seem to the regular listener, there IS a story to this track.

Meet our interview subject, NoLimitzChris.

He’s an aspiring musician of Asian-Canadian descent who was born in Vancouver before moving to Saskatchewan in his early years. Why does this matter? Like I said in the beginning of this article — every portion of this artist’s story is a vital piece of a bigger puzzle.

In recent years, Chris decided to move back to beautiful British Columbia to pursue a career in music. However, it’s not as if an individual wouldn’t be able to kickstart their career in the Land of the Living Skies. Think of all that free time one could have to make music while it’s minus forty degrees outside! Would he be able to maintain his focus in a hustle-and-bustle environment like the Greater Vancouver Area?

The answer is: YES. While the Van City streets might be filled with noise, this is indeed where the action lies for aspiring musicians like Chris.“I moved out to B.C. to be in a space where my life would be all about music,” he shares.

Coming from outside of the province, I thought it would be fitting to ask him his thoughts on the state of Metro Vancouver’s music scene. Once we got the conversation going, we stumbled upon the lack of collaboration within the region. Ironically, it would seem that an out-of-towner like Chris would be just what is needed to bring the young musicians of this province together.

“I try to work with everybody as much as I can. I’m always down to help out other artists. Producing a beat, giving out tips on engineering, providing a feature. I just want to watch everybody grow with each other, and that starts with helping each other out,” Chris states.

On the topic of bringing the youth together, we also discussed the importance of education. As a Nimbus alumni, Chris is familiar with the life of an audio engineering student. He owes his success to his studies and is grateful that he was able to learn from his professors. With the arts, however, there are a large group of people who feel that experience is a more valuable teacher than education. Below are some of the most common arguments regarding schooling.

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Chris has his own argument, and it has to do with commitment:

“It’s all about your devotion. If you’re truly committed to bettering yourself as a musician, you’ll open yourself up to the necessary learning curves that school can bring you.”

And at last, we arrive at the final piece of the puzzle. The thing that ties it all together — the meeting of the minds.

Not only did college help Chris hone his production skills, but it also allowed him to tap into his networking skills. He gained many connections throughout his years at Nimbus. These connections would help him find Nova Studios — one of his go-to recording venues in British Columbia. You spend enough time at one spot and you’re bound to make some irreplaceable relationships.

Once he had established himself as a full-time attendee at Nova, Chris ended up meeting a number of hard-working musicians like himself. Two of them just so happened to be the features on his newest release. Enter Psyah and Seven Taviss.


THIS is the last piece of the puzzle. Doesn’t it all make sense now?

You can stream “Waste of Time” on Spotify, YouTube, and all other streaming platforms.