Emerson Marshall
2 min readApr 1, 2020

Toronto Artists Anders & SLMN Team Up For “Love In The Winter”

Written By Emerson Ettore Marshall

If you run back to Mississauga R&B Artist Anders’ earlier pieces of work, you would know that this collaboration was expected. The two singers have worked together previously, but not like this. Never have we heard both of their voices on the same track, until now.

Dating back to Anders’ debut almost four years ago with his single “Choosy”, Anders has had production help from SLMN (pronounced Solomon) since the beginning of his musical career.

“Choosy” by Anders, produced by SLMN back in late 2016

Once again, SLMN lends his composition skills to Anders’ soothing voice on their newest track “Love In The Winter”, this time adding in his own vocals.

With a lack of tracks involving his own voice, there isn’t much to go off of when it comes to what the singer/songwriter is capable of vocally. What he excels in best is production, which really shows in this song. We know that he has written for more established acts from Toronto, as well as some big international names.

Some of the artists SLMN has produced for.

Three of his original pieces, that which showcases his singing abilities, can be found on all of his DSP’s (Downloadable Streaming Platforms). “Half In Love” and “Too Much Time” do an amazing job at highlighting two key things — power and range. This being the reason why Anders’ and SLMN’s latest track interests me the most.

After my first listen, I had realized that SLMN was adapting his voice to suit Anders’. The various harmonies, vocal runs and layering wasn’t present in this song. This was a very relieving conclusion that I had come to. With him doing this, the two artist’s were able to blend their voices extremely well. Both of their deliveries allowed the beat to breathe. This is an important thing to keep in mind when creating a song. It was an appropriate move on SLMN’s part, and highly appreciated by the listeners!

The track serves its purpose. It’s not overwhelming. It allows both SLMN and Anders’ listeners to vibe out and relax. That’s exactly what the general public could use in times of panic like these. If you’re going to self-isolate, I suggest you put on “Love In The Winter” to get you to that chill state of mind.

Recommended Listening Environments: Hookah lounges, smoking sessions, intimate settings, late night drives.