Vancouver’s REVÉ Ends Off March Strong With Her Newest Single “TikTok”

Emerson Marshall
3 min readApr 5, 2020

The R&B singer has just released her second single of the year, with the aid of local production powerhouse KultarGotBounce.

Artwork by @dontdoze

There’s something to be said about minimalism and the strength that comes from it. When done well, the song is full-proof. An airy lead synth, a solid bass line that occasionally drops out, a kick, a snare and trickling hi-hats. Mix that in with some soft and pleasant vocals, not-too-complicated melodies and an infectious chorus and you have yourself a guaranteed radio friendly jam that can cast a wide net over a variety of fanbases. OR you’ve created “Tik Tok” by Vancouver creatives REVÉ and Kultar Randhawa.

“Tik Tok”, written by REVÉ. Produced by KultarGotBounce.

Coming off of her second most recent single “Wasted Times”, REVÉ switches up her delivery with her latest piece of work. Picking the tempo up a bit, the singer brings a certain bounce to the song that you just can’t help but nod your head side to side to. She lets her listeners know that she’s not here to waste any time by cutting straight to the chase and starting off the song with a hook, and a very catchy one, at that. It’s clear that REVÉ is trying to solidify her spot in the Vancouver music scene with lines like “Listen when I talk, I’m the new b*tch on the block” and “Messing with the plot, and I’ll put you in your spot.” Might I add that I’ve never heard such aggressive lines being communicated in such a soothing manner!

Timeliness is undoubtedly the most important aspect of an artist’s release. If they were to put content out that wasn’t relevant to the current situation of their listener’s lives, it could be detrimental to the success of that content. With that being said, “Tik Tok” is a title that works perfectly for times like these.

“Tik Tok” is no longer an onomatopoeia used to describe the sound a clock makes when it moves its right and left hand forward. It’s now a multi-million dollar video recording app that’s used by everyone and their moms. The name of the app holds a certain prestige to it. Use it correctly and you could reap some serious benefits. Props to Kultar and REVÉ for seizing the opportunity.

Simplistic, well produced, catchy, easily digestible, crowd friendly — these are what sums up “Tik Tok” by REVÉ and Kultar. I could definitely see this song getting the radio play it deserves. If the two play their cards right, it might even start trending on the app!

Recommended Listening Environments: Hookah Lounges, smoking sessions, pre-parties, daily walks, drives in the day.